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Kids Igniting Change

Prayers that Ignite Change for Kids
Prayers that Ignite Change for Kids
Last year Shawntel Jefferson released what would become the first volume of the Prayers that Ignite Change series. Now Jefferson is set to release the second volume of that series. The new volume features prayers to empower kids to be God’s agents and facilitators of divine change in the earth as they continue to be transformed into the beautiful image of Jesus Christ. For more information on Prayers that Ignite Change for Kids email us at better.me.publishing@gmail.com.


Sowing Seeds for a Harvest

Author Shawntel Jefferson brings us the second book of the Refreshing Winds Series, Refreshing Winds Book of Prayers& Journal. Have you been wondering how to start the process of renewal? Jefferson equips readers with thirty-one powerful prayers to help begin the process of spiritual renewal. Change is just a prayer away.

You can purchase a copy of Refreshing Winds Book of Prayers & Journal here.