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Pearls for Kids

Pearls of Wisdom for Kids Vol. 1One pearl. Two pearls. Three pearls. How about 40 pearls? That what author Shawntel Jefferson is releasing for kids in her new non-fiction book series. Pearls of Wisdom for Kids: 40 Days of Empowerment for Life is the first Jefferson has penned for kids. Using her insight and wisdom about life, Jefferson equips kids to become more knowledgable stewards of the word of God and and how to more efficiently handle life’s experiences. The book will be release November 12, 2012. You can pre-order by clicking the link below.

Pearls of Wisdom for Kids: 40 Days of Empowerment for Life (Volume 1)


Goodbye Stress, Hello Refreshing Winds

What do you do when you get tired of being tired? You go to the only One who can refresh you. The only One who can pick you up when all the pieces of your life have seemed to come unglued. Author Shawntel Jefferson brings you the Refreshing Winds 31 Day Devotional. Jefferson encourages readers to turn to the Lord when tiredness sets in and stress vies to take over. Allow yourself to be restored and comforted by God’s refreshinng winds.

You can purchase a copy of Refreshing Winds 31 Day Devotionalhere.