Better-Me Publishing Welcomes Alyce Pullen-Jefferson

Alyce Pullen-Jefferson
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Houston, Texas―Better-Me Publishing welcomes Alyce Pullen-Jefferson to its roster. Alyce, an ordained minister and prayer warrior, is passionate about proclaiming the Good News to the unsaved and biblically instruct the saved on how to live and maintain a holy lifestyle. Using her gifts and personal experience, Alyce releases timely words of encouragement and truth to refresh the spirit of those who have become weary or discouraged. Alyce serves at her home church in the Office of Administration, Intercessory Prayer Team, and as an altar worker. Her first project, Days of Glory ( an inspirational series), is scheduled for release December 2013. Alyce and her family currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas.

Readers can connect with Alyce via Facebook or her website. For details about her projects or future events, please check Alyce’s Author Page periodically on Better-Me Publishing’s website. Readers can also sign up on the Home page to receive our newsletter via email, author updates, and special sales information via regular mail.


Better-Me Publishing Celebrates

Better-Me Publishing is celebrating! Not just because it’s a new year, but also because God has kept us and brought us ito the new year full of joy and peace. We are still here! Better-Me Publishing is also celebrating its one year anniversary since coming online from the trenches of obscurity. While no particular season is perfect God is and we are thankful for His mighty love and mercy which He abundantly rains down every day.
We are pleased to start 2013 with an updated website. That means upgraded publishing plans, new informative articles, and new opportunities to witness God’s signs, miracles, and wonders. It means new opportunities to publish the divine work the Lord has placed in your hand. We look forward to assisting new authors in transforming lives and equipping God’s people.

Kids Igniting Change

Prayers that Ignite Change for Kids
Prayers that Ignite Change for Kids
Last year Shawntel Jefferson released what would become the first volume of the Prayers that Ignite Change series. Now Jefferson is set to release the second volume of that series. The new volume features prayers to empower kids to be God’s agents and facilitators of divine change in the earth as they continue to be transformed into the beautiful image of Jesus Christ. For more information on Prayers that Ignite Change for Kids email us at

Sowing Seeds for a Harvest

Author Shawntel Jefferson brings us the second book of the Refreshing Winds Series, Refreshing Winds Book of Prayers& Journal. Have you been wondering how to start the process of renewal? Jefferson equips readers with thirty-one powerful prayers to help begin the process of spiritual renewal. Change is just a prayer away.

You can purchase a copy of Refreshing Winds Book of Prayers & Journal here.

Pearls for Kids

Pearls of Wisdom for Kids Vol. 1One pearl. Two pearls. Three pearls. How about 40 pearls? That what author Shawntel Jefferson is releasing for kids in her new non-fiction book series. Pearls of Wisdom for Kids: 40 Days of Empowerment for Life is the first Jefferson has penned for kids. Using her insight and wisdom about life, Jefferson equips kids to become more knowledgable stewards of the word of God and and how to more efficiently handle life’s experiences. The book will be release November 12, 2012. You can pre-order by clicking the link below.

Pearls of Wisdom for Kids: 40 Days of Empowerment for Life (Volume 1)

Goodbye Stress, Hello Refreshing Winds

What do you do when you get tired of being tired? You go to the only One who can refresh you. The only One who can pick you up when all the pieces of your life have seemed to come unglued. Author Shawntel Jefferson brings you the Refreshing Winds 31 Day Devotional. Jefferson encourages readers to turn to the Lord when tiredness sets in and stress vies to take over. Allow yourself to be restored and comforted by God’s refreshinng winds.

You can purchase a copy of Refreshing Winds 31 Day Devotionalhere.

Take a Sunday Drive

Sunday drives have been considered a classic time of family bonding, strolling down memory lane reminiscing of special moments and loved ones. Sunday drives have become iconic of the great adventures we all can have on this journey we call life. Author Yolanda Dean takes us on that iconic and adventurous journey in her new fiction series My Sunday Drives.
Join the character Yolanda on a hilarious journey of a lifetime as she takes the Sunday drive she never expected. You’re sure to fall in love with the characters and be inspired to stand and walk in your own destiny.

You can purchase your copy of My Sunday Drives: The First Glance into Time here.