Better-Me Publishing Welcomes Alyce Pullen-Jefferson

Alyce Pullen-Jefferson
Used by permission.

Houston, Texas―Better-Me Publishing welcomes Alyce Pullen-Jefferson to its roster. Alyce, an ordained minister and prayer warrior, is passionate about proclaiming the Good News to the unsaved and biblically instruct the saved on how to live and maintain a holy lifestyle. Using her gifts and personal experience, Alyce releases timely words of encouragement and truth to refresh the spirit of those who have become weary or discouraged. Alyce serves at her home church in the Office of Administration, Intercessory Prayer Team, and as an altar worker. Her first project, Days of Glory ( an inspirational series), is scheduled for release December 2013. Alyce and her family currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas.

Readers can connect with Alyce via Facebook or her website. For details about her projects or future events, please check Alyce’s Author Page periodically on Better-Me Publishing’s website. Readers can also sign up on the Home page to receive our newsletter via email, author updates, and special sales information via regular mail.


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